It’s 2018, and if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that golf is hard.  But as COBRA engineers has proven, it doesn’t have to be as hard.  In 2017, our incredible team of R&D experts put an impressive amount of blood, sweat and engineer tears to bring you our very first set of KING F7 ONE Length irons. It’s true they were inspired by PGA Tour pro Bryson DeChambeau, who spent so much time at our HQ in Carlsbad that he has his own badge to get in the building.

Bryson DeCheambeau's badge at Cobra PUMA Golf

Bryson DeCheambeau’s badge at Cobra PUMA Golf

Single length irons are not a new concept, but technology offers a better solution than in the past, which is the methodology our R&D team has used to develop ONE Length irons that foster true game enjoyment.  With KING F7 ONE Length, and now with KING F8 ONE Length, we’ve re-invented the concept of the ONE Length iron to bring more consistency and simplicity golfers of every playing ability. With one setup and one swing you can experience more accuracy, tighter shot dispersion and more consistent distance gapping throughout your entire set.

You may know that our ONE Length irons are all cut to the length of a 7 iron.  This was a great place to start, because many people are most comfortable with a 7 iron. However, you can’t just cut a standard set of irons to a 7 iron length and call it a day.

Our R&D team had a good head start with incredible iron technology that exists in our KING F7 variable length irons.  Notable technologies include a TECFLO progressive set construction, featuring full hollow, half hollow, and cavity-back irons and specialty wedges that provide tailored performance through the set (shameless plug we are the only equipment company to do this!)  All of our KING F7 irons also feature forged PWRSHELL™ Technology, an L-cup face design that enhances ball speed, and CNC Precision Milled Grooves.

Creating the perfect ONE Length configuration required our team to work tirelessly to re-engineer each club to account for proper geometry and weighting.  The design resulted in matching 7-iron head weight, lie angles, and swing weight to ensure that trajectory, feel and distance gapping is optimized and stays true from long irons down to the wedges.

With a traditional set of variable length irons, there are many factors in play for proper setup. These include foot positioning, spine angle, and ball position which all change as you switch between your longer irons and shorter irons. Remember when we all agreed that golf is hard already? The more variables at play, the more room for error; making a hard game even harder!  With one setup and one swing, you can simplify the entire process and play better golf.


Every player has their favorite club and for many, it’s a 7-iron. With our ONE Length irons, you will find new confidence in your game, allowing you to play any iron in the bag (even your 4-iron) as if it were your trusty 7-iron. The end result? A simpler, easier way to play.