Golf season is upon us and if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re eager to get out and play. If your winter months were spent cooped up inside trying to stay warm, chances are you lost some of your key golf muscles. If that’s the case, there’s no better person to help you get in golf shape than Cobra Puma Golf ambassador and trainer extraordinaire, “Coach Joey D” Diovisalvi. He trains some of the best golfers in the world and he’s got three moves that will help you gain a few extra yards off the tee. One thing to note, when doing these moves, make sure to turn your golf brain on!

Equipment needed:

  • Band securely attached to the wall
  • Medicine ball


  1. Band Explosions


The first move extracts power from your feet to your legs to your hips using a band. Bands are great because they constantly apply resistance making you to work against that force allowing you to generate constant power and speed.

Attach a resistance band to a secure point at the wall. Wrap yourself one full rotation into the band, now the fun begins. If you’re a right handed player, shift your weight to the right side, load up and then explode into the band.

  1. Step, fire, follow through ball slams


This move creates power and speed. It works through the entire sequence of the golf swing, from the setup to the back swing all the way through the ball.

Use a medicine ball and setup as you would with your golf club. Load your weight on your right foot and bring the ball with you. Then step, fire the ball to the wall and follow through with your body towards the target.

  1. Reverse Fire Ball Slams

If you’re one of many people who can’t turn all the way into your backswing, this drill is for you. It uses reverse velocity to get into your backswing and through to your follow swing. It’s also beneficial for a player who wants to get the club, shoulders and chest to turn to the top of the backswing.

Set up in a good address position, making sure that your elbows are securely fastened to your torso, this keeps your arms from extending too early. Turn your body with power and speed toward your target and again fire the ball towards the wall.

In terms of repetitions, numbers can be tricky – everyone is different. Use your discretion and listen to your body. Work up to 10 reps, but remember, it’s not how many you do but how many you do correctly. Repeat the set 3 times. And don’t forget what you do to the right, do to the left! We tend to overuse one side in golf, so we have to remember to activate and balance the other side. Good luck and go get those yards!