The one thing we can all admit we do not do right before we play golf is the warm up. “It takes too long.” “I don’t have enough time.” The excuses are endless. Let’s check in with coach Joey D for 3 easy moves to get you properly warmed up for your round.

Your body shouldn’t go to the driving range or the first tee totally cold because you’re asking it to do something it’s not prepared for. Kind of like starting your car in the winter you have to let the fluids run, the car warm up and turn on, let’s do the same thing to your golf body.

Equipment needed:

  • Medicine ball
  • Driver


  1. Medicine Ball Squats

These aren’t your average medicine ball squats. Put your golf brain on and start with your shoulders back like you would at address. Make sure your chest stays neutral, and keep a good spine angle as you would in your stance (remember your golf). Make sure the medicine ball is secure. Keep your knuckles by your temples with your thumbs by your jaw line. Square and close your elbows, and then stand up tall and open wide. 10 is your magic number for all of these moves, but listen to your body if you need more or less.

  1. Step + Follow Throughs

The “step-turn-step-followthrough” move activates the full body and gives you an opportunity just move your arms and your legs. It’s best to use a large object like a medicine ball because the larger the object the more real it feels. Step to the right, take a back swing, come to the center. Step to the left and finish.

  1. Hamstring Kicks

One of the most important drills is warming up the hamstrings and getting the lower body activated. Take your F8 driver, set it down and put your hands on the ferrule. Like a pendulum, start your leg moving with limited range of motion and then increase so we can get the hamstrings, hips, low back all working and warmed up. What do you to the right you have to do to the left. Make sure the club is securely anchored to the ground.